Selborne trip

Class AS had a fantastic trip to Selborne today as we followed up our work on rivers and settlements with Simon, the teacher in residence. The first activity of the day was to go to different streams and collect data to compare. We had to measure a cross section of the river for depth, measure the velocity of the river by timing a rubber duck over a ten metre stretch, see how many gammarus (a small freshwater shrimp) could be found at two metre intervals and conduct ph tests.

After a quick lunch we went up to the hanger where we compared the settlement of Selborne to what we had seen on a map. Next, we had to create a river map and explain the features using natural materials. Our last activities of the day were to play Forest Jenga and build the highest free standing structure out of wood before creating clay faces using natural clay on the hanger.

Our thanks to Simon for a very exciting day. We hope to publish some reports later in the week.

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