Points of view: Wilf Wolf & Scarlet Hood Letters

As an introduction to writing stories from a point of view, we revisited the trial of Wilf Wolf, which we had looked at earlier in the year. The children were placed in groups and asked to write letters from the point of view of either Scarlet Hood or Wilf Wolf immediately after the trial. we start off with the letter written by Oliver B, Henry & James.


Dear Scarlet Hood,

I told you so! Finally, I have been proven right!  I am glad the court has uncovered the truth. You have wasted my valuable time which I could have spent making more pizza’. This is an outrage!

I disgusted that you could stitch up a poor innocent wolf who just wanted to make an honest living. You have ruined my reputation as the best cook Domino’s has ever seen. Thanks to this infernal trial, many customers have cold, burnt pizzas that have been delivered late.

You have infuriated the Lord High Emperor, Wolfus Gigantus, by accusing his son and heir of vicious murder. I might add that in the wolf kingdom we still have the death penalty and stitching someone up is a crime to us. We wolves never forget, and although I’m a tame wolf now, I won’t be if this happens to any of our tribe again.

I am going to leave you in peace, so you can enjoy the rest of your day,but I must again remind you to tell your family never to mess with us wolves again. You must do this, as I have my own army of private assasins, being a prince and all.

Yours sincerely,

Wilf Wolf

P.S- Please inform your grandma that I spent the fiver on new hunting weapons for rabbit hunting. She is also welcome to have another pizza- half price.

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  1. hgreen says:

    This is fabulous work and made everyone in the Green House smile – except George that is, who is very disturbed to read that Wilf Wolf spent the fiver on weapons for rabbit hunting!

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