Points of view: Wilf Wolf & Scarlet Hood Letters – Sam W, Mahima, Molly, George

Dear Scarlet,

I am writing to you to complain about you stitching me up, to get me in serious trouble!  

My first complaint would be the fact that you got me into court in the first place. You just wanted to get me in trouble from the start so there! It was a stupid thing to do because no one believed you and I was in the clear. Also I didn’t eat your Granny!

My second complaint is that you kept trying to get me into prison in court by retorting with untrue comebacks. Someday I’ll get YOU into trouble so you’d better watch your step missy! I was the one that got out of court scott free so that means I’m more clever  than you and if you get me in again I’ll just get out again and again. But if you do get me in trouble again I’ll make you regret it mwah ha ha ha!  

So to finish off I would like to point out that if you ever try something like this ludicrous accusation again I will sue you. Remember Scarlet I’ve got my eye on you so if you place even one fingernail out of line I’ll haul you into court just like you did to me.

Yours sincerely,


Wilf Wolf

P.S. Why would I eat your granny, I’m a veggie! 

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