Points of view: Wilf Wolf & Scarlet Hood Letters – Amelia, Jasmine, Kayleigh, Max, Penny, Isobel &Hannah

A letter from Scarlett to Wilf




I am writing to inform you that if you get near my family you are dead! I might be accused of wolf slaughter but at least my mind will be at rest. You walked into that court room and spoke as if you weren’t bothered about the case held against you. You’ve walked out with the greatest reputation any wolf could have, but it can all change.

Everyone knows your guilty, are you seriously stupid enough to think (wait, you are) that they will believe you? You’re devious and sly, you can’t get past me! Everyone knows you manipulated my gran, who wouldn’t harm anyone especially a wolf like you. She has never been bothered about wolves and she will never be. Why, out of all the people in the world did you manipulate my gran? I could tell the minute gran walked into the courtroom you were happy, your eyes twinkled and you started smiling and then she started being soft on you. You don’t just lie but you try and split up families.


Do you expect people to believe that you own a pizzeria? That’s the oldest trick in the book. Is the courier pretend or real? Seriously, who believes you, only your friends, but oh I forgot, you don’t have any otherwise they would have been at the court supporting you. Who has ever heard of a pizza delivery wolf? No- one and that is the way it will always be. My gran would share it with me, as we always have shared things because that is the way it has been; she didn’t share the pizza which means she never bought one.


To sum up my point, you are guilty and everyone knows, you have nothing better to do than kill people, which is disgraceful. I hope you understand my feeling of you lying in court when you know all of this is true.


Yours sincerely

Scarlett Hood

P.S  You’re dead meat!

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