Rural Life Centre Trip

Today was Class AS’ turn to visit the Rural Life Centre where we undertook a range of activities. We visited a 1940s classroom where the children practised their handwriting using pens, ink, blotting paper and a handwriting book. The children also chanted tables and experienced pre – decimalisation money. From there the children moved on to an experience with the home guard where they entered a Morrison shelter, learned about aspects of rationing and used stirrup pump to put out imaginary fires. They also learned how mortars and incendiary bombs worked.

During lunchtime the children got to play with toys and games from the 1940s.

In the afternoon the children visited the Tweedsmuir Camp for displaced Poles exhibit where Wies told them the circumstances under which the Poles came to the UK during World War Two and what prompted them to stay. He also talked about his life growing up in the UK and some of the things his mother did to instil Polish culture in her son.

The whole class had a fabulous day and we’d like to thank Judy, Maurice, Hazel, Pam, Bernard and Wies for all their hard work in making the day so special. The class would also like to thank Mrs Davy and Mrs Hayes for coming and helping on the trip.

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