Greek style myths – Oliver B

Lo- I can write a myth

Dardanos trudged home miserably, kicking aside a stick.  Another day hunting and only one cow caught. Of course, he knew why this was. All of the animals had been scared of by the Gorog, a fierce monster as tall as a mountain.  He looked up at the sun shining above him. Was it just him, or was it gradually moving closer?

Dardanos sighed, opened the door of his hut and lit the fire. His owl stared at him expectantly.                 “Take it” he muttered cutting off a slab of cow and handing it to the bird. It nipped his finger affectionately and took off.  After putting away Hawker (his bow) and after treating himself to a roast cow, Dardanos settled himself in bed and drifted off to sleep.

A blinding flash of light awoke Dardanos with a start. A man, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes, was standing over him. When he saw that Dardanos was awake, he smiled.                                                        “Good Morn, Son,” the man laughed. Dardanus stared. He had been told his father had left him when he was a baby and he had been raised by his mother.                                                                                 “I am Apollo, god of the sun and archery. You are a demigod, my son. I have seen you practise hunt with your bow and arrow, and you could rival me.” Dardanos simply opened and closed his mouth in amazement. His father thought he could rival him! Apollo waved an airy hand and three things appeared in his hand. 2 were arrows, one with a blue point and the other with a red. The other was two knives. Apollo handed them to Dardanos.                                                                                 “I have seen thy potential and ask thee to go to fight Gorog. You will rescue Aphrodite, as the Gorog has snatched her out of the heavens and imprisoned her. As you may have noticed, the land has become ugly and all happiness is dying. This is because of her imprisonment. The Gorog was born from the same sea foam as Aphrodite and is her complete opposite.” Apollo waved a hand and a bundle fell on the bed. He picked out 4 items, 2 arrows (one with a red tip and the other with a blue) and 2 knives. He shoved these into Dardanus’ hands.                                                                                          “The knives were made by the Cyclops themselves. They will allow you to cut through any substance. The blue tipped arrow will work as a guide, showing thee the way to the Gorog. The red arrow will create an explosion large enough to kill the Gorog.” With that, Apollo strode out of the hut and clambered into a chariot. As soon as Apollo got in, the chariot zoomed up into the sky to become the sun again.

Dardanus clambered out of bed and grabbed his quiver. He placed the two arrows in it and set off at once. He pulled out the guide arrow and held it in the palm of his hand, examining it. Suddenly, it glowed and a dotted blue line appeared on the ground. He stared for a moment at the ground and then set off at a run.  There was no time to lose.

After about half an hour, Dardanus came to a river. On the bank was a boat, big enough to carry one man. Dardanus climbed in and started to row. It was hard work. Suddenly, a massive wave tossed the boat upside down. Dardanus was thrown from the boat and fell onto the bank again. That was no ordinary wave. After leaping onto the remains of the boat (a plank of wood), Dardanus continued on his journey.

Eventually, Dardanus reached a massive island. Dardanus jumped out and followed the path that the arrow was showing. A clump of trees loomed ahead and the line stopped there. Confused, Dardanus sat down underneath a tree. Suddenly, he heard a rumbling from behind him and he whirled around. The trees were rising from the ground, followed by a scaly body. The Gorog had risen.

Dardanus gasped. The Gorog had razor sharp teeth, tipped with blood. A puff of smoke emitted from its mouth, suggesting that it could breathe fire. Its back was covered in spikes, large enough to impale ten chariots. Its body ended with a tail tipped with a spike. The Gorog stood on its hind legs, and roared.

Dardanus was blasted off his feet by the wall of sound. He looked up. The Gorog was sniffing around. It had no eyes so it was trying to smell him. Dardanus rolled aside and pulled out his knives. This was the time for them to be put to use. He grabbed them and lunged. The knives pierced the Gorog’s leg. It gave a roar of pain and reared again. Dardanus new what was coming next. He jumped behind the Gorog and readied the explosive arrow.  He fired. The Gorog snarled as the arrow pierced its skin. Gradually, it moved closer to Dardanus, leering. Suddenly, it froze. A tremendous bang filled the island. When the smoke had cleared, all that was left of the Gorog was its bones…

After staring at the bones of the tremendous beast, Dardanus remembered why he was here. He wandered around for a bit, looking for any sign of Aphrodite. Eventually he found her, strapped to a tree at the other end of the island. Aphrodite was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Words failed to describe just how she looked, as she was constantly changing.  Dardanus carefully sliced through the ropes with his knives and she fell to the ground.                                                                             “I thank thy, brave hero. I am drained of energy and can barely walk. If thy could carry me, then I will be able to repair your boat, sail back to your hut and fly from there back to Olympus.” Aphrodite said softly.                                                                                                                                                                             “Why can thy not simply fly up to Olympus now.” Dardanus asked.                                                                                               Dardanus picked her up and carried her to the ruined boat. He stumbled on a rock. Suddenly, a searing pain burned in his leg. He looked down to see yellow pus issuing from his leg and a fang from the Gorog’s mouth was protruding from it. He must have fallen onto a fang when he stumbled, and the Gorog’s teeth were poisoned…

Dardanus groaned. He was immobalized by pain and Aphrodite was nowhere to be seen. Within 5 minutes, he was no more. A girl walked out from the shadows. It was Aphrodite. She leant over the corpse of Dardanus and breathed.                                                                                                                                         “ Live,” She then muttered. Dardanus’s eyes fluttered open. He grasped Aphrodite’s hand and they flew up, god of love and god of quests. Dardanus was now immortal.

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Wow Oliver , what an amazing myth. I was hooked reading it and couldn’t wait to find out the ending. Very well done .

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