French Fashion Show

Afficher cette année la mode française a pris un thème Deuxième Guerre mondiale. Les enfants portaient des vêtements des années 1940 sur le podium et ont défilé au son de l’orchestre de Glenn Miller. Ainsi que chanter deux chansons françaises, les enfants ont décrit ce qu’ils portaient à un public enthousiaste. Un grand merci aux parents qui ont mis tant d’efforts pour aider les enfants à trouver des costumes et soutient les enfants sur la journée. Les photos sont ci-dessous.


And for those non French speaking visitors to our blog:

This year’s French Fashion Show took on a World War Two theme. The children wore 1940s clothing up on the catwalk and paraded to the strains of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. As well as singing two French songs, the children described what they were wearing to an excited audience. Many thanks to the parents who put so much effort in helping the children find costumes and supported the children on the day. Photos are below.


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  1. Kath Miles says:

    AS you all did so well in the French Fashion Show. Your costumes were great and your words very clear. I am sure that everyone that came to watch it enjoyed it thoroughly.

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