Non – Chronological Reports: Oliver B

African Animals

There are many animals that live in Africa, some savage hunters and others harmless as a cow. The animals that are mentioned in this report, however, are the killers, the predators. Some reptilian, some mammal, these carnivorous animals will go to any means to find a way to capture their prey…


The wild African dogs are commonly found in the plains, the semi-desert, bushy savannah and the woodlands and therefore it mainly preys on antelope, warthog and waterbuck as they live in those areas. 80 % of dog hunts result in a successful kill. When chasing prey, the dogs can run at an amazing 60 km per-hour.


Wild African Dogs killing their prey

It has a supreme hunting method, finding a young or weak in a herd of antelope, hiding in the grass if any available. A dog will then burst out of the grass to chase the target. If possible, the dog will try to herd together more antelope to increase the chances of a kill. The dog will push the prey towards 3 more dogs hiding in the undergrowth. The threesome will spring out and close in on one specific target. By now, the prey should be exhausted. The dogs close in for the kill and tear the prey apart limb from limb.

Nile Crocodile

The Nile crocodile is an amphibian.  It is found in lakes and rivers in Africa and is known to eat antelope, big cats, fish, lizards, buffalo and even other crocodiles. The babies also eat frogs, small fish and crabs.  The female crocodile normally lays between 20-80 eggs per year, although sometimes the hatched young will eat the eggs of their brothers and sisters, therefore many eggs will be eaten and less will hatch into baby crocodiles.

The crocodile hunts its prey using a method called the death roll. When an animal such as an antelope comes near the waters edge to drink, the crocodile will drag it into the water and roll over and over clutching its prey. Eventually, the prey will drown and the crocodile will tear the prey apart.


Rock Python

The rock python is found near water and on rocky outcrops. They are known to lay 60-80 eggs per year and has a life span of around 20 years. It can grow up to between 5.5-8 metres in length. Although it is not venomous, it has many kinds of bacteria on its teeth and can infect anything it bites. It generally preys on small animals such as rodents, fish, monkeys and lizards and can swallow its prey whole.


Although these animals are all killers, many of them are endangered. The African dog, for example, has its home cut down and so is living in smaller areas of woods which are shrinking rapidly. The Nile crocodile is hunted for its skin and teeth. Eventually, there may be no more of these predators left to kill antelope and fish. However, there are many people who donate to charity to save the endangered animals. But at the moment there are not enough donators to keep them from gradually dying out. Eventually, the animals may be completely wiped out…


Amphibian- an animal that can live on land and water.

Endangered- an endangered animal is on the brink of extinction.



Sources- Worlds Deadliest Animals, ARKive.

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