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Non-chronological report about Cheetahs

A cheetah is a large cat. They are the only big cats that purr like a little baby kitten. There is also a rare King cheetah. You can tell it is a king cheetah because it has stripes instead of drop like spots.


The cheetah is the fastest living land animal around. They can get up to 120 khp (75 mph) in a few seconds. Their speed helps the cheetahs a lot because they can suddenly speed up to catch their food. So their speed is very important to their survival. They don’t have a lot of predictors because of their incredibly fast speed.


Cheetahs mainly live in the Sub-Saharan Africa but sometimes found in the Savannahs. the Savannahs has a dry climate witch the cheetahs live in, and love. You cannot find cheetahs in a forest or wet areas. They do not live in wet conditions because they will have no food or prey. So they would die out.


 The cheetah’s body length is 1.3 meters long (including tail). They are 80cm tall and their tail is between 60-80cm long. Due to their size they can run very fast. The cheetahs tail length is important because it gives them balance when they run so they cannot fall over. Cheetahs are small therefor they run fast and blend in so there prey can not see them as well. That gives them a better chance of catching food.


In the wild cheetahs live up to 8-10 years, but in zoos they live u to 17 years. That is because they get giving the food cut up and tore already. They don’t need to catch their food and rip it up, unlike the ones in the wild.


Cheetahs disguise themselves very well with their spotted coat. People hunt cheetahs down for their coat. That is why they are endangered species. There are very few cheetahs in the world for that reason.

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Climate- the normal weather condition of an area.

Disguise- something used for disguising

Endangered species- an animal witch has almost died out.

Predators- hunt for food

Prey- food for an animal

Savannahs- a grassy plain in a hot country

Wild- lives by themselves

Zoo- where animals are kept and looked after well




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