Raps – Mahima

Always Dessert

Oozing choc and creamy toppin’

One fallen plate and my slice is droppin’

Squishy cake and cookie crumbs,

Bein’ squished by eager thumbs.



A bite of cake and it’s all over

I feel like I’ve moved to Dover

Crumbs over here and crumbs over there,

It’s not like my bro will actually care.


Marbled sweet, marbled sour,

I’m a marble cake, I have power,

Lemon ice, added in stripes

How I long for a tasty slice.



It’s sticky, sticky fudge

With a piece of this I won’t budge,

Teeth-clamping sweetness

I love fudge at its best.



Choco whip, delightful surprise,

It’s the kinda dessert that’ll win a prize,

Smooth wet and professionally whipped,

It’s choco sauce I like it dipped.



All desserts, all so sweet,

I hate the taste of simple meat,

All the cakes in the world,

I’ll eat ‘em all then hurl

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