This week we have been looking at poetry in Class AS. We decided to write our own raps. We looked at raps performed by Class AS two years ago as a stimulus before writing our own. We were looking for pace, rhythm, rhyme & informal language in our raps. As usual the teachers are in the firing l

LJS upper school teachers rap.

This is the rap bout Liss juniors’ teachers,

Some people think well wicked and nice

But we’re not fooled by their jokes and smiles,

We’d prefer them if they were dice


First is Mr Stanley,

He makes us all giggle.

But here’s something you didn’t know.

He’s great at the Wiggle!


At the top of the school.

Is Mrs K Rorke.

You’ll get your throat slit,

If dare to talk.


Then it’s Mrs Grant,

She runs the school paper.

If you mess around,

You get blasted into vapour.


Next is Miss B,

How she loves to dance.

You should just see her,

Twirl and Prance.


Now it’s Mr Burford

He loves bananas.

No one knows this

But he owns a Lama.


Then it’s Mrs Horrocks,

Our school artist.

Everyone knows

That she’s the smartest.


Mrs Dowthwaite,

Our RE teacher.

It is rumoured,

She was a preacher.

ine. Here’s Oliver B’s


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2 Responses to Raps

  1. Gill says:

    Love these raps!

  2. Kath Miles says:

    Well done AS , your raps are excellent. The one about the teachers especially made me chuckle.

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