World War Two Gas Masks

Class AS had a special treat today when Finn brought in an actual evacuee’s suitcase complete with two gas masks. One was suitable for a baby and was very large. The second gas mask was designed for a child so Finn modelled it for the class. Finn told the class that it was quite comfortable to wear. The first photo shows Finn wearing the child’s gas mask while holding the gas mask designed for a baby. The second shows Finn holding the suitcase.

World War 2 Gas Masks 001 World War 2 Gas Masks 002

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2 Responses to World War Two Gas Masks

  1. Julie Osborne says:

    Great pictures Finn! I can’t imagine any baby being happy inside one of those gas masks though.

  2. Ken says:

    When I was about 12 yrs old I converted my gas mask for snorkeling. The swimming bath attendant wasn’t to happy when I turned up with my home made flippers it was too much.

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