Making notes and using them to form an explanation

In literacy this week Class AS have been looking at making notes by skimming and scanning text and writing down the most important information. This morning Mr Stanley read out a passage all about rationing and the class made notes. They were then tasked with imagining it was 1940 and they had to produce an explanation text explaining why rationing was necessary. We were looking to include Standard English, write in the present tense (as much as possible) and to use connectives to produce complex sentences. The red group worked very hard with Mrs Moore and Mr Stanley, and this is their text.

LO:  I can expand notes to write an explanatory text.

Why is rationing introduced?

German  submarines attacked the food supplies imported to Britain by sinking the cargo ships, which contained food.  Britain used to have 55 million tons of food imported and now it has dropped to 12 million tons.

Why is rationing being introduced?

Rationing of food is being introduced because not enough food can be imported on the supply ships.  Ration books are being introduced at the beginning of 1940 to every household in Britain.  Different coloured ration books are used.  Buff coloured books are for adults, blue books are for 5-16 years old and green books for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under five.

Every household in Britain is required to have a ration book.  National Rationing Day is taking place on 23 November 1939.  Everyone has to go to the local shop to get registered.  The shop keeper has to stamp the coupon and put down the details of the household.   That person can only buy from that shop.

Some people say rationing is unfair because meat, eggs and butter can all be obtained very easily in rural areas.


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