Sophie’s playscript

Scene 3 – The defence

Characters: Wilf Wolf, Judge, Mr Freeman and person 1, 2 and 3.

The court room is suddenly quiet and the Judge bangs the hammer on the wooden desk. Wilf Wolf has been accused by eating Granny Hood and her cake.

Judge Be quiet! Mr Freeman, call your first witness.
Mr Freeman  Thank you your honour (Mr Freeman turns to the doors.) Please may my first witness come out Mr Wilf wolf? (The whole court room gasps in terror. )
Person 1 (Whispering) What do you think he is going to say.
Person 2 I don’t know but I’m pretty sure he is going to lie.
Person 3 ( Very excited) I hope he is really furry then I can cuddle him when he is walking out of the court room.
Judge (Shouting and slamming down the hammer on the desk) Silence.
  (Wilf Wolf comes in )
Judge So tell me what happened.
Wilf Wolf I was working at Pizza Hut when I suddenly got a phone call. It was Granny Hood. She asked for me to come over and bring some pizza with me.
Person 1 He is lying


Person 2 Don’t listen judge
Person 3 My favourite pizza is ham and cheese.
Judge (Screaming and shouting at the top of her voice) Be quiet.
Wilf Wolf I suddenly went down and when I had arrived Granny Hood was right at the door waiting for me. So I gave her some pizza but she sliced it in half with her hand.
Mr Freeman (terrified) What! A granny can not do that.
Wilf Wolf (Wilf Wolf’s eyes twitch) Oh yes a granny can do lots of different things.
Person 1 He must be lying
Person 2 Yea lying
Person 3 ( pretending to be hypnotised) Pizza.


Judge Be quiet!
Wilf Wolf (Sounding very scared ) So any way suddenly Granny Hood looked at the time and pushed me into her bed and put her nighty on me and got her bag and ran straight out of the door. So that is what happened , oh but then the little girl came in and I wanted to ask Granny Hood why she did that, so I jumped out of bed and went to go for the door and that is why the girl got scared. Then that woodcutter came In and nearly killed me!


Person 1 I knew he was going to lie.
Person 2 He might be telling the truth.
Person 3 That wolf is so furry.
Mr Freeman I don’t believe you …
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