Red Group’s playscript

I can write a playscript


Scene 3 – The Defence

Characters: Wilf Wolf, Judge, Mr Freeman (Defence Counsel), Persons 1, 2 & 3

The courtroom is in uproar after the woodcutter’s explosive testimony. The judge bangs his hammer on the bench
Judge Silence in court! Mr Freeman, please call your first witness.
Mr Freeman Thank you, your honour (turns to the jury). I would like to call my first witness, Mr Wilf Wolf.

(The whole courtroom gasps in shock)

Person 1 I wonder what the wolf’s going to say.
Person 2 It doesn’t matter, he’s guilty anyway.
Person 3 Wouldn’t his fur make a lovely scarf?

(Wilf walks to the stand with his head bowed and no expression on his face.)

Mr Freeman


Mr Wolf, where were you on the night of September 16th?
Wilf I was about to close up my pizzeria for the night when the phone rang. It was Granny Hood. She ordered a large pepperoni pizza with extra tomatoes.
Person 1 He’s lying!
Person 2 He’s guilty!
Person 3 I prefer extra pepperoni
Judge (slamming down his hammer) Silence! Let Mr Wolf finish speaking.
Wilf Thank you, your honour. As I was saying I dropped off the pizza. Suddenly I heard a shriek. It was Granny, she’d cut herself. I ran to get help. But when I got back she was gone. It was the middle of the night so I went to bed, but this bed was so comfy that I stayed there until the next afternoon.
Mr Freeman Thank you Mr Wolf.
Person 1 (sarcastically) Like that’s true!
Person 2 Yeah, you said it.
Person 3 Did you sleep well?
Person 1 (looking at Person 3)What did you say?
Judge Would anyone like to object to Mr Wolf’s earlier statement (not a sound)
Mr Freeman My lord, it’s a no!
Judge Very well, you may continue Mr Freeman.
Mr Freeman Thank you, your honour. As I was saying, Mr Wolf please exit the witness stand. Miss Hood, please enter the witness stand.
Person 1 It’s good that’s over.
Person 2 That was annoying
Person 3 Red’s a good looking man
Persons 1 & 2 It’s a woman for crying out loud
Person 3 Ok, ok it’s a woman
Judge (angrily)Please stop arguing otherwise I will put the three of you in prison (the court falls silent)
Little Red Riding Hood (pathetically)The wolf ate my granny!
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