Isobel’s playscript

Scene: court

Characters: Wilf Wolf, Mr and Mrs Lark, Person 1, 2 and 3.

( Court  is buzzing with excitement , Judge bangs his  hammer on his bench)
Judge  Silence in court. Mr Lark brings in your first witness.
Mr Lark (Mr Lark nods at  judge) Enter witness  (Wilf  comes in and seats down in witness box)


Wilf (pauses)Well aren’t you going to ask me if I’m guilty or not?
Judge (suspiciously)How did you know?
Wilf Well I’ve been here with the three little pigs the boy who cried wolf and I was actually blamed for what the mean stepmother did to Snow White.
Judge (bored) Guilty or not guilty
Wilf Not guilty, I think
Mr Lark Anyway,(shaking his head) What did you do that made you think you’re not guilty?
Wilf  Well it was my birthday on October 20th and I was playing ninja squirrel with my family, Aunty Pack, my sister Sophie and my Mum and Dad
Mr Lark Just get on with it
Wilf OK (bowing his head then lifting it quickly)well I was hiding and no one could find me and it began to get dark and I couldn’t  see anything but a dim light in the trees, so I went over to it and I knocked on the door again and again and again and again and again and-
Person 2 (shouting)  get on with it were falling asleep up here!
(loud snoring starts a he stops talking )
Mrs Lark Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!! stop
Person 3 Wanna toffee (everyone stares at him ) What? They’re cherry flavour.
Wilf After, I just let myself in because the door was open, I was so tried I found the bed after 5 minuets and fell asleep. But I was woken up by Granny hitting me on the head with a bat!
Person 3 (singing ) I like candy
Judge Get out of this court immediately and never come back.
( person 3 slowly trudges out of court, court sighs)
 Mr Lark And where did all the blood come from then ?
Wilf What blood?
Mr Lark The blood on the floor.
Wilf Oh, that was the blood from my head .
Judge Wilf you have proved that you are not guilty, Mr Lark and Mrs Lark you’re fired.
Mrs Lark What did I do?
Judge You’re related!





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