Hannah’s playscript

Lo: I can write a playscript

Scene 3 – The defence

Characters: Wilf Wolf, Granny Hood, Scarlett, Mr Freeman, Judge and Person 1, 2 and 3.

In the court room there is lots of noise and the Judge slams his hammer down.
Judge (shouting) SILENCE!!!
                                 (everyone quietens down)
Judge Mr Freeman, please bring in your first witness.
Mr Freeman My first witness is Mr Wilf Wolf. Mr Wilf Wolf please tell us what happened on August 8th.
Wilf Oh please can you call me Wilf and what happened on August 8th I was about to leave my kebab shop but I got a call.
Person1 Oh please Wilf is being silly and a liar


Person2 Yeah he is a liar,
Person3 Who wants a toffee?


Person1&2 (looking at person 3) what did you say?                                                                                                                                                                                   
Person3 (looking worried) I said who wants a toffee?


Judge (Looking at person 3) please may I have a toffee? And Wilf please carry on.
                  (person 3 gives Judge a toffee)
Wilf I would be happy to so, the call was from Granny Hood, she asked me for a kebab dunked in tomato ketchup with three big pots of it for her to put inside and to use for a dip.
Person1 He is such a liar
Person2 Yeah you don’t have a kebab shop
Person3 (to Wilf)Wilf, if you do have a kebab shop can I have an extra large kebab?

(Granny Hood enters)

Granny Scarlett, where are you?
Scarlett I’m here Granny. I thought you were dead
Granny Why?
Scarlett Because there was blood all over the carpet, you weren’t there and Wilf was in your bed.
Granny I went to your aunt’s house because she had my dog and I wanted it back. And did you think the ketchup on the carpet was blood?
Scarlett (confused)oh so it is true then Wilf that you do have a kebab shop(walking over to Wilf).I am so sorry can you forgive me?
Wilf Of course I can.


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