George’s playscript

Judge: Master Jack, you are called here guilty for knocking over Mr and Mrs Ogre’s castle with a beanstalk.
Person 1: I bet you he’s guilty.
Person2: Look at the face he’s making, he’s obviously guilty.
Person 3: I wonder if he likes brussel sprouts.
Mr Ogre: (Bellowing) well I was just getting into bed when I herd this giant rumble. At first I thought it was a bit of thunder. Suddenly the thing hit my house and turned it over, my bed which is three times heavier than me landed on top of me……. And it hurt.
Person 1: That bed must’ve been huge and dreadfully heavy.
Person 2: I don’t doubt you.
Person 3: I wonder what colour his PJs are.
  (Turning to Jack)
Judge: Is this true Jack? Did you turn over Mr Ogre’s castle with a bean stalk?
Jack: (talking casually )Yes I did turn over but not on purpose. You see there was this old man who gave me three beans ,I didn’t relies they were magic at the time, he told me to plant them ten metres away from my front door. So I did.
Judge: (looking thoughtful)  Did this man have a long wispy beard?
Jack: Yes.
Judge: And did this man have one green eye and one……
Jack: (interrupting)  And one blue eye and three fingers on his left hand?
Judge: Yes. This man is a dangerous plastic doll who is out for revenge on lots of people…………. Mr Ogre have you seen and done anything to this man.
Mr Ogre: Yes a few weeks ago he came onto my land to sell me a load old garbage as I didn’t want any I threw him and his garbage off my land.
Person 1: DANGEROUS!!!!
Person 3: I like dolls to play with, so does my granddaughter.


Mr Ogre don’t you think he might have been getting revenge on you? As you say you did throw him off cloud 400,000,500,000 metres from the ground.
Mr Ogre: (thinking) Mmmmmm…….. Well why didn’t he do it him self.
Judge: Maybe because he didn’t want to get in trouble.
  (Phone goes off.)
Judge: (picking up the phone) Who is it…
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