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Our Ugandan Visitor

Today we have been visited by one of the Ugandan teachers linked to the Twinning Project. We were joined by Vicent, who has been spending the past fortnight at Clanfield Junior School. He spent the day visiting all the classes … Continue reading

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Katunguru Primary School: Problems & Solutions

In geography over the past fortnight we have been looking at Katunguru Primary School which has a unique set of challenges. The children were asked to write a report detailing the problems and offering solutions. Firstly, the brief which the … Continue reading

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Archie C’s playscript

Lo:-I can write a play script Scene3-the defence Characters: Wilf Wolf, Mr Freeman, Judge, persons1,2,3   Judge Silence in court! (turning to Mr Freeman)Mr Freeman would you like to call your first witness. Mr Freeman Thank you your honour (turning … Continue reading

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George’s playscript

Judge: Master Jack, you are called here guilty for knocking over Mr and Mrs Ogre’s castle with a beanstalk. Person 1: I bet you he’s guilty. Person2: Look at the face he’s making, he’s obviously guilty. Person 3: I wonder … Continue reading

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Sophie’s playscript

Scene 3 – The defence Characters: Wilf Wolf, Judge, Mr Freeman and person 1, 2 and 3. The court room is suddenly quiet and the Judge bangs the hammer on the wooden desk. Wilf Wolf has been accused by eating … Continue reading

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Oliver B’s playscript

Scene 3- The defence Characters- Humpty Dumpty, Mr A Dumbledore, The frying pan, Mr Stanley ( defence counsel), Yoda, Wallace, Jack The courtroom is so quiet you could here a pin fall into a ball of cotton wool. The judge … Continue reading

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