Conservation reports – Penny & Eliza

AS Conservation reports


Problem: Some teachers leave on projectors during lunch, break, assembly etc. This wastes electricity. However, some teachers need to leave them on, so the children can copy things down.

Solution: Teachers can turn off during lessons and write things on the board. That’s why we have a white board.



Problem: When not in class, teachers and pupils don’t turn off the lights. That wastes the bulb and then money.

Solution: Turn off the lights when not in class.


Board Pens:

Problem: Some teachers leave the lids off of board pens and that dries them out. Also, when they are being used in maths, children draw silly things on the mini white boards. When the pens run out we have to but new ones and lose money for trips.

Solution: Keep lids from dried pens if the other lids are lost. Put lids on pens when not being used. Don’t do silly drawings.



Problem: People keep the lids off the glue sticks when they are not being used.

Solution: Put lids on glues when not being used.


Soap wasted:

Problems: People use the soap in the toilets to write things on the mirrors and that ruins soap and means we have to buy more. That wastes money and it can’t use it for class/school trips or supplies.

Solution: Don’t put soap on mirrors or down the toilet. Have a person watch them use the soap.

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