Stories for a younger audience – Sophie

Cuddles the cheetah


Cuddles the cheetah had a mum who was very lovely and he was a cub. Cuddles had dark brown eyes and a long furry tail. He had lots of friends and was very popular around the place. He lived in a dark green tree house up in a scary looking tree. He and his mum would go out every evening to hunt for Cuddles’ favourite meal gazelle (a type of deer.)

One day Cuddles went out in the evening to go and hunt with his mum. It was the first time he was going to catch a gazelle himself, so with his mum they both hid behind a bush and waited but they both had to be very patient and quiet.

Finally a beautiful stripy gazelle came and stopped to nibble at some long wavy grass. Before Cuddles mum told him to, Cuddles leaped out to try and get the juicy yummy gazelle, but he missed. Cuddles ran as fast as he could to get the gazelle, but he could not catch up. Cuddles suddenly stopped and looked back, but he could not see his mummy anywhere, so Cuddles started to cry because he really wanted his lovely caring mum.

Cuddles walked in a slowly type of pace until he came across Spotty the giraffe. Spotty had a beautiful body with dark shiny eye lashes. Spotty asked Cuddles,

“Why are you crying?”                                                                                                                        “I’m crying because I have lost my mummy and I do not know where she has gone” said Cuddles in floods of tears.

“Well I think she will be that way.” Spotty pointed right. So Cuddles walked and he walked until he came across Ellie the elephant. Ellie the elephant had huge grey ears with massive eyes but she was very beautiful. Ellie asked,

“Why are you crying”

“I’m crying because I have lost my mummy and I cannot seem to find her anywhere,” replied Cuddles.

“Well I think she might have gone that way.” Ellie pointed to her right. So Cuddles walked and he walked until he came across Larry the lion. Larry the lion had a shiny lovely mane and he was quite long and tall. Now because Larry the lion was king of the jungle, he could find anyone anywhere. Larry asked Cuddles,                                                                                  “Why are you crying?”                                                                                                                        “I’m crying because I can not find my mummy anywhere.” So Larry looked everywhere and then he suddenly saw Cuddles mum laying behind a bush waiting to catch a gazelle.

Cuddles went over to his mum and gave her a huge big hug. Cuddles’ mum said,                          “Where have you been?”                                                                                                 “I have been around the jungle looking for you and I met lots of different people. Spotty the giraffe and Ellie the elephant and Larry the lion and they all helped me to find you.”

Before it got dark Cuddles and his mum caught a gazelle, and they both cooked it and had it for tea that night. After that they went to bed and snuggled in and went to sleep and they had a good night’s sleep.

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