Secret Garden Passages – Sophie

There was a loud and hard knock one the door. Colin woke up and said in a yawn.

“Come in.” The door creaked open and Mary came in.                                                          “I thought I told you to stay out and go away!” Colin screamed.                                              “I came in because I was going to apologise actually,” replied Mary crossly.

Colin’s face turned immediately tomato red. Then they started fighting again. Suddenly Mum came in. She had dark long curly hair and she was very tal,l her fingernails were as sharp as a knife. She said,

“What is all this arguing about?” Colin and Mary froze and replied,

“We were just talking.”


“Yes really,” mumbled Mary and Colin.                                                                                     “You know if I catch you fighting then I will go and tell both your fathers and you know what he will do to you,” Mum said in a cross voice. Mum went out of the door and Mary said to Colin,

“I’m sorry Colin.

“If we keep on fighting then I and you will both get beaten. I’m sorry too Mary”. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door and Elizabeth the maid came in and dropped Colin’s new clothes on the floor.

“Oh sorry”

“It is ok” replied Colin. “Who is that?”                                                                                      “It is my maid Elizabeth “replied Colin. Elizabeth went out and then Mary said,

“I did not know you had a maid.”

“Well you saw, I have one”.

“You don’t need a maid you can do things yourself” shouted Mary furiously.

“I do need a maid,” shouted Colin back while Mary was staring right into Colin’s dark red glittering eyes.

“You are an idiotic imbecile and all you care about is yourself, no one else.”

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  1. Lisa Arnold says:

    Well done Sophie! Lovely storytelling and I hope they don’t get beaten for arguing!!

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