Secret Garden Passages – Archie C

Mary strode out of the room But Emily stopped her.

“Where do you think you’re going” Emily tutted angrily. “Don’t you think I didn’t hear any of that?”

“He is so imbecilic though,” Mary sighed furiously.

“I know you find him annoying but if I tell your father you will be slated,” Emily mentioned sadly.

“Ok I will apologise,” Mary moaned.

Mary walked into the room with an unhappy temper.

“I’m sorry,” Mary apologised sadly.

“I’m sorry too. That you’re my sister.”

Mary stomped out of the room ferociously,

“I hate you,” Mary shouted back ravenously.

Unfortunately there was a new maid, Elizabeth, she was very strict.

“Stop right there young lady,” Elizabeth shouted so everyone in the house could hear.

“I get paid to keep you two calm, so you’re not going to shout!” Elizabeth thundered menacingly.

“I’m sorry,” whimpered Mary

“Well sorry’s not good enough,” yelled Elizabeth.

Mary ran past Elizabeth into the garden to find Dickon waiting for something. Mary asked what he was doing,

He explained,

“Aye be waiting for th argue to stop, aye heard all that gum.”

“Yeah sorry about that,” Mary mumbled.

“it’s ok aye know it was Colin,” Dickon mentioned.

“He’s so annoying and he treats me like a slave,” Mary moaned.

Dickon walked up to Mary.

“Don’t worry aye cheer ye up soon.”

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