Secret Garden Passages – Henry

There was a loud knock at Colin’s door, then Colin woke up from his long sleep.

“Come in,” said Colin

The door opened quickly and Mary came whooshing in and started shouting at Colin.

“What do think you’re doing, you’re meant to be out helping me in the garden, you imbecile!”

“Mary how dare you use such gum in my bedroom and I am poorly so I can’t help you”

“Well even if you weren’t poorly you would still not help me I KNOW YOU Colin,” replied Mary

“Now, now children. No need to have a tantrum if you keep shouting I will have to tell Mama or Papa”.

“Oh, no” said Mary “You know what Mama’s like. If she tells Mama, then Mama will tell Papa and we will be slated”.

“Sorry Mary, I did not mean to not help you,” said Colin sorrowfully

“Sorry for shouting at you”, said Mary

Then Jo the maid went downstairs because she heard a knock on the door then, came back up stairs then in came Colin’s best friend Travis.

“Hi Colin, want to come to the park?” said Travis.

“Ok,” replied Colin.

“I thought you were ill,” said Mary crossly. “So you lied to me about being ill. I hate you Colin I really do!”

“Well you were being really bossy and so I thought you wanted to do it on your own so I left you,” said Colin guiltily.

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  1. Mrs Green says:

    This is an impressive piece of work Henry. Strangely, it was a very familiar plot. I wonder where you got your inspiration from? I wonder what kind of park Colin and Travis were off to?
    Well done!

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