What is the real Uganda like?

As part of our study of Kafuro and Uganda in general, Class AS have been looking at a range of photos about aspects of Uganda. The children were given photos in groups. They had three main tasks from studying the photos:

1) Give the photo a title.

2) List everything you can see in the photo

3) Write a paragraph saying what the photo tells you about Uganda


The children have worked very well on this and here are some of their photo summaries (more will be added each day) When all the photos have been studied, then we will post our concluding thoughts on what Uganda is like.


Forest Golf by Charlie and Hannah

What we can see in the photo:

• Trees

• Freshly cut grass

• A hedge

•A bench

•A bird or squirrel

•A lorry in the background

• A house or a shop or a shed in the background

• A lake

• A person

• A golf pit

• Bushes

What we can tell from this photo:

We can tell from this photo that the people like to play golf and have a big forest like park to play golf in. people come and cut the grass so if you are playing golf you don’t lose your ball in the long grass. The bench is there so if you don’t want to play you can sit on the bench instead. Also people would have to have the right amount of money to be a member. This means that they must be healthy and wealthy.

Men on a bike by Sam & Archie

We can tell from this photograph that two men are riding a bike that is not a tandem so one of them is one  is on the back and the other on the front, this also tells us that the man on the back must be sitting on something.    One of the men is also holding a metal instrument  that looks like it could be used in a barbecue. The long grass and trees make it appear like there is a popular place for animals as predators could hide in the grass. Birds are also liable to live in the trees so it could also be a popular safari spot. The “Road” is not in particular good condition that tells you that it either never serviced due to lack of public services or is a path however it is rather wide and appears to have been tarmacked some time in the distant past, so it doesn’t appear to be a path.

Animals by Archie

We can see that a Buffalo is grazing near by a crocodile although its intentions are unclear. There is a bird in the background which appears to be watching. The Buffalo has been there for a while, as some of the grass is dead and in places there is piles of mud, leaves and twigs. This is also unknown why. In the background behind the buffalo and bird there is a bush which happens to have some kind of fruit  in it. At the front of the picture there seems to be fresh clean grass where the Buffalo hasn’t been.

Crime City by Oliver B

What we can see; a pole, Adverts, Police, Vehicles, scaffolding, Buildings, shot gun, pistol, sirens.

What we can tell from the photo; we can tell a crime has happened. The Ugandan’s have an armed police force, suggesting that they have a crime problem. We can tell that it is an old town as it is ridden with old scaffolding. We can also tell that it is keen on advertising as there are three advertisements in the relatively small picture. There are a lot of vehicles in the area, suggesting that it is one of the richer parts of Uganda.


In the street by Hannah and Charlie

What we can see:








• buses




•people selling pillows and blankets

•posters about new film

•wood buildings


What we can tell from this photo:

In towns and cities like this one, which is very busy, people are selling clothes by hanging them on their balconies. They are selling pillows and blankets on carts. In this photo there are motorbikes, bikes and buses which suggest it is a busy city. We can tell that people have money to be able to buy these things.



Elephants on a trip by Mahima

What we can see;


Roots, patches of grass, dirt, leaves, calf, hills; in the distance, long grass, twigs, the road, trees, elephants, sand, stones; on the road, car marks, dust


What we can tell from this photo;


The elephant and the baby are walking on a road. It looks like they are turning into the forest. The road does not have any directions. There is long grass and there are car marks which tell you that cars drive along this road. There is dirt and trees everywhere. The road has no tarmac on it so that shows they don’t have the resources we have here in the UK. There are no pavements (because there is no tarmac)The top of the blades of grass are hay-coloured.

Elephants by Eliza


What we can see:

Elephant, trees, hills, dirt, car marks, long grass, twigs, stones.


What we can tell from this photo:

The elephants are walking on the road and the grass is long. The elephants in Uganda are not kept in zoos like the UK and walk wherever they want to. The fact that there is a road with tyre marks on it suggest that Ugandans drive cars.

The mud hut by Jasmine

       What we can see:

Green hay like grass with surroundings of trampled on mud.

A forest with a possible chance of a river in the middle .

A mud hut with straw as a roof (thatch) with a possibility of someone living in it.

A cloudy sky.

Thin leafy trees.

The mud hut has strong straw to hold it together and rocks at the bottom to keep it stable.


What we can tell from this photo:

There is a hut which appears to be made out of mud and straw. The straw is for the roof and to keep it together. This shows they do not have the same resources as we do. Also there are rocks at the bottom to keep it stable. The hut is surrounded by a forest with maybe a river near this shows that they would build a settlement near water so they can drink it. We think that they built their settlement in mud so it stays stable and sticks. The hut is also surrounded by leafy mud and hay like grass this shows people or animals come here a lot. This is why we think a river is here because animals or people can drink from it.


Spectacular stadium by Kayleigh & Amelia


What we can see:

*        We can see sections of the stadium.

*        Big T.V screens.

*        CCTV camera.

*        A indoor area for the commentators

*        there is some fencing around the stadium.

*        nicely cut grass.

*        lights and a black pole that holes up a fence.

What we can tell from this photo:

We can tell from this photo that Uganda has some stadiums and likes watching events within them. There are two big screens in view which means, that it is a gigantic stadium that holds lot of spectators, and a box for the commentators. We think that it might be a football stadium because football is a common sport in and around the world. There are CCTV cameras that means that the can see what the behaviour is like when the folks are there. This means that Uganda is not that poor, but not totally rich like most countries around the world.


Mannequins modelling by Kayleigh & Amelia


What we can see:

*       A man sat on a chair.

*       6 models that are missing some parts of their body ( they are fake.)

*       The man has his mobile phone out doing something

*       Blue advertiser

*       Summer costumes.

*       Steps (one up and one down.)

*       Yellow stool.


What we can tell from this photo:

We can tell from this photo that it is a shopping centre and that this is one of the shops.  There is obviously a sale because of lots of signs saying it. There are 6 mannequins modelling curtain summer wear, They are missing different parts of their bodies.  There is a man fiddling with something on his phone. This proves that Uganda is wealthy enough to buy fashionable clothes and to afford mobile phones.


Man collecting water by Jasmine

    What we can see:

Grey stone tap/pump

Yellow gerry can

Green truck with belongings in it

Solid mud  ground with trees around it

Black truck

A man filling up a gerry can with water

Man standing next to him with his arms crossed

Looking across and possibly saying something

One of the men is wearing a white top and trousers

Item of shelter possibly a house

Dark blue sky which shows us  it could be in the evening

A man with a bright green shirt and white trousers


What we can tell from this photo:

In this photo there are two men with bright clothes on this shows they probably wear light clothes more then dark clothes because it’s a light country. One of the two men is filling up a yellow Jerry can with water from a stone solid tap/pump. This shows that they don’t have running water in their house, they have to go out to get it. Whereas the other man standing next to him with folded arms and a cross expression on his face, he looks like he could be talking. The men are surrounded by two trucks one of which is a green truck filled with belongings this shows they could be travelling. They are also surrounded by shelter which could be used as a home.


Rugby time by Isobel


What I can see: Rugby ball, 12 people, litter, green grass, car, fence, bushes, advert, trees, rubble, bare feet, lamp post, houses and a black metal structure.


What we can tell from this photo: In this photo there is 12 teenagers playing ruby in a big playing field and behind them is a pile of litter which we assume is a pile of paper bags. In the back ground there is an advert advertising beer.  Uganda isn’t poor because they have a good rugby kit! But it could be better so they can have some shoes on their feet so they won’t be harmed.  They have time to play not just work.


Mosque by Oliver and George

 What we can see; buildings, towers, signs, (advertisements) lampposts, trees, mosque, hedges

What we can assume- We assume that the picture is in a Ugandan city. We can tell this as there is a Mosque in the background, also telling us that it is strong in religion. Again we can tell that it is keen in advertising as there are about 14 adverts in the photo. We can also see a lot of nature in the photo, telling us that the city is quite green as well as full of buildings. Other than the mosque it looks quite run down and poor. We assume that this is one of the poorer areas of Uganda.


Food Sale by Archie and Sam


What we can see from this photo:  people, fruit’n’veg, bags, light from out side, tables, sacks, baskets, bowls.

What we can tell from this photo: People are clearly selling their fruit‘n‘veg so they can get some money. The food store has tables and racks to hold the food. The people eat lots of different types of food. It also must get really hot as the people are wearing shorts sleeves and shorts. The place that they are in does not look like it is very well made. Maybe this is because it is very old.

Pumping water By Alex W & Oliver J

In some places in Uganda there is no running water so children have to pump water which comes from the underground.  Children normally start doing it at a very early age.  Lots of children have to do it every single day.  Children have to walk many miles just to get water, it is very valuable!  In England we are very lucky to have running water.  The pump is made of metal and holding it up is a wooden stand.  What we take for granted they think is very special, it is a hard place to live.

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