Countries Fortnight – Day 1

Today the whole school began the Countries transition topic which will be running throughout the next fortnight. Mr Stanley held an assembly where the key question was asked, “What makes a country?” We looked at ideas and discussed how the Olympic and Paralympic Games have shown Britain to the rest of the world.

Our next step was to plan the information that we wanted to find out about our countries. This took most of the morning. However, this afternoon we looked at UNICEF wants and needs cards to examine the things that are most important to us. The children worked in their groups to come up with a list of the five most important needs. This was especially interesting as we did this exercise with the children at Kafuro at the beginning of the summer.

The photos of the children’s choices are shown below. What are the similarities and differences in the choices of the children of Kafuro and Liss?

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  1. Class HG says:

    Well done this is super work

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