Paralympic Diary – Tom


Dear Diary,

The schools gonna go to see the Paralympics tomorrow, it’s gonna be well wicked.  It’s held at the ExCel Arena, where Top Gear was held in 2011.  My mate Sam has already seen the Paralympic Athletics, he says it’s epic.  We’ve been told that we’re gonna see David Smith the GB Boccia player.

I’m really excited because I’ve never seen the Paralympics before.  I bet it will be wicked.  Although hearing that Boccia is just like bowls it sounds a little more boring.  I rate Boccia 7/10.

I’m gonna have to get up very early tomorrow morning, so good night diary.



Dear Diary,

The Paralympics was WICKED! although the Boccia was pretty boring.  The Sitting Vollyball was really exciting especially when I appeared on the big screen; that was really exciting.

The Excel Arena was awesome from the inside, it had lots of stairs and lifts.  The stadiums were awesome too.

It took 15 minutes to walk from the bus car park to the Excel Arena and there lots of gamesmakers on the walk so I high-fived them all.

On the walk we saw wakeboard ramps, a mile long cable car and the O2 Arena.

The two bus journeys were extremely boring, but Matt (from CM Sports) put the bus microphone to his phone and played wicked music.  I went to the toilet twice on the way back.

On the way there we saw the O2 Arena, a bit of the Olympic Stadium, the Orbit and an aeroplane flying really low

It was soooo exciting, good night diary.

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2 Responses to Paralympic Diary – Tom

  1. Henry Green says:

    Well done Tom that was WICKED!

  2. Sam Price says:

    Tom well wicked work!!!

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