Paralympic Diary – Mahima

Tuesday 4th September 2012

Dear Diary,

Ever since I heard I was going to the Paralympics I felt a lot of things.

Kinda agitated because I don’t wanna wake up early, it’s cruel. I’m the late bird, I like sleeping in! Anyway I got my letter signed and just did some mental preps. After my “Prep” session my excitement went into overdrive! Lots of butterflies built up inside.


At first I didn’t wanna go. I didn’t see the point of seeing some boring boccia. But then I started to think how fun it would be. I eventually decided to go. So now I feel a little nervous, about the results.

In real life the good guys don’t always win.


So we’re going on Wednesday, I’m all mind prepped and stuff. It’s really early, and I’m feeling overloaded with info about this trip. It’s doing my head in, I’m getting headaches galore!


Being a huge once in a lifetime opportunity I really CAN’T hold in what I’m feeling! I’m going to ExCel London Arena to see David Smith in the Boccia event. He’s the boccia star of Team GB so that’s pretty cool!


To sum up I just wanna say I’m excited, agitated and deeply thankful to the school for getting these tickets, thank you school! Thanks for this fantastic opportunity.


That’s all for now, G’night diary.


Thursday 6th September


Dear Diary,


The suspense is broken! I am finally going to tell you how it went. I sat with Sophie on bus 1. We played a few games and we did a few clap rhymes. I became her personal radio until Matt FM (Our personal radio) started playing Postman Pat into the mic! He did loads of songs and cracked loads of jokes. I laughed and sung along, until the end of the journey.


We jumped of our buses (5 buses) and we began our 15 minute walk up to ExCel.  We saw the cable cars (I’ve been in one!) and looked at the lake. The ExCel building was so huge and AMAZING!


We walked and got our tickets, then entered the huge, I mean COLOSSAL arena! 6 boccia matches were on at once. We ate our lunch and cheered for Team GB. The boccia ended so….


We went to watch the Sitting Volleyball. The crazy woman got the audience up and doing random things. Then the camera-woman filmed the Volleyball.  I cheered for Egypt then switched over to Bosnia. The camera-lady filmed the audience. I got on the TV once. I was really shocked! I livened up and went back to watching.


When it was time to go we dragged our heavy hearts outside into the scorching sun. I sweated uncontrollably until I reached some shade. We walked all the way back to the bus, high fiving the gamesmakers as I went along.  I looked at the forks and spoons on the ground.


I got into the bus and sat down. Half-way through I had to swap seats because someone was talking and I wanted to swap seats with them. I sat down in my new seat and pushed my seat back as far as the person behind allowed me. We shared crisps (Mine were the most popular) I watched the queues of people wanting to go to the toilet. We got back to school late because of traffic.  The music kept us cheery though!


That’s the whole trip, have a good life diary!

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  1. Henry Green says:

    This is a very descriptive diary, Well done!

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