Paralympic Diaries – Oliver B

To celebrate the special week in which we visited the Paralympics, Class AS have been writing before and after Paralympic diaries. The children were tasked with making their writing detailed, in the first person, informal and with their feelings clearly indicated. Here’s Oliver B’s diary entries.


Dear Diary,

Guess what! We’re going to the Paralympic games! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!  We are watching team GB play for Bronze at Boccia. They can’t win gold or silver as they got creamed by Thailand yesterday, which I am infuriated at. But I suppose we good chance at getting the bronze medal, so it’s not that bad. We are going to see Paralympic Boccia player David Smith, who also visited our school last year and officially opened our monster wall. I am getting tired now, so I must finish soon. I need to remember to bring a packed lunch. I hope mum lets me bring a lucazade sport, as it will energise me all day. I really need to rest now, for tomorrow is a big day. Goodnight diary. Zzzzzzzzzz



Yawn! So tired. The trip to the Paralympics was epic yet exhausting. We started off with me getting to school slightly late and sitting down. Mr Stanley made sure everyone knew where we were going and which bus we were going on. We got onto the bus in more of a stampede than an orderly fashion.

The buses were wicked! The seats were comfy, we had air conditioning, curtains and the seats were able to move back into almost a bed. I sat next to Andrew and we played sweet or sour for most of the long journey to London. At one point I was beginning to feel bored when Matt saved the day by putting on Postman Pat. He then decided to play Bob the Builder, the Star Wars theme, I like to move it move it and Akuna Mattata.

Once we got to the car park, we had to go on a fifteen minute walk to the ExCel Arena, but it wasn’t too bad as the Games Makers kept us awake by rapidly giving us high fives. Once we got to the arena we had to go through airport style security like we had to do at Parliament. Ahh, Parliament, good times, good times. But anyway, that’s a different story.’

Finally, after what had seemed like a week, we made it into the arena. It was Ginormous! Mr Stanley led us to a room where we were able to watch some of the Paralympics on TV. Mr Stanley took those of us that needed it to the toilet. Some of us also decided to use the water fountain to fill up our bottles. We then went into the stadium to watch the boccia. There were a few games on including one where we decided to blast Canada into oblivion. We devoured our lunch basically as soon as we got into the stadium, as most of us were starving. Annoyingly, David didn’t play, as he had won bronze the day before.

Eventually, we decided to go and watch the sitting volleyball. It was AWESOME! The teams where Bosnia and Egypt. Everyone wanted Egypt to win, and there was some random man getting everyone to do things to support Egypt. There was a lot of music, charging everyone up. There was a big screen, showing people in the audience’s expressions. In the end of the game Bosnia creamed Egypt 27-16 (or something like that.) so most of us weere disappointed. There was a LOT more atmosphere than the Boccia, in which there was more or less none.

We eventually left the arena and went on the long journey home. By this point my feet were aching like mad and I was basically knocked out. Once we finally got to the car park we trudged onto the bus in a lot less excited manner than we had back in Liss. On the bus I decided managed to get fall asleep (which was surprising considering the radio was on.).

Luckily, I was awoken by Andrew when we got back to the school. I and Sebastian sprinted to Newman Collard as the car was there. We clambered into the car to discuss our day at the Paralympics.

So that was more or less my day. I hope you enjoyed listening to it. As I have explained various times I am exhausted so I am off to bed now. Goodnight diary. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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2 Responses to Paralympic Diaries – Oliver B

  1. Henry Green says:

    this is a very entertaining diary

  2. Mr and Mrs Edwards - Olivers grandparents says:

    Well done Oliver, we loved reading your Paralympic Diary, its very well written, amusing too. It sounds like you all had a really fun time, even though you felt so tired at the end of it all and not everybody was lucky enough to have the same opportunity to watch something so special.

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