Paralympic Diary – Henry


Dear Diary

Tomorrow I’m gonna go to the Paralympics to see Boccia. I am looking forward to seeing it because I saw football in the Olympics and now I’m gonna go see the Paralympics, but I’ve got to wait a day till it will happen  of course as I’ve got my lessons. I’m kinda ok with my lessons because its only the second day back. I am also looking forward to seeing David Smith cos he came to our school

Goodnight Diary, see you soon.


Dear Diary

Yesterday I went to the Paralympics. It was well wicked. Firstly, I had to get to school at 7.45am, I felt really sleepy. Secondly, I got on the bus and I headed off to the Paralympics. The bus journey  was boring, but when I got into London it was much better. I saw the O2 arena, the Shard, the Orbit, the Olympic Stadium, the ExCel Arena of course and much more. I also went through the Hindhead and Dartford tunnels.


Finally, I got to London. I had to walk for 15 minuets until I actually even got to the ExCel. But there was a lot to see. I saw a really snazzy cable car which you could see from half a mile away. Also, as soon as we got ten minutes away from the ExCel, the games makers gave me high five; it was AWESOME. When I got to ExCel I had to go through loads airport security checks. Then Mr Stanley gave me my ticket, I was in ExCel. Next, we had a class photo outside ExCel.


I went inside ExCel, it was fantastic. I saw Boccia whilst eating my lunch. Then I saw sitting volleyball and they got people clapping and cheering, they put some wicked music on and I was on the big screen. It was so cool. The teams were Bosnia and Egypt I wanted Egypt to win. On the way I saw the thing out of labyrinth Earthquake video, it was well gel. After that I went back to the coach and back home.

Good Night Diary

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  1. Henry's Grandpa says:

    Well done Henry glad you had a good day. Your diary was well wicked and here’s a high five !!!

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