Uganda – Day 8

Today was mega early start as we had to leave for Bukorwe, which was two and a half hours to the south. We were due to get up at 5.30am, but Rebecca woke me at four as she had heard lions roaring and wanted to share this with me. Later she told me it might’ve been me snoring! Cheek!

The drive down to Bukorwe was long, boring and tiring as the road is not in good condition so it was therefore very bumpy. Charles did his usual excellent job of driving us. We like to take the mickey out of Charles because whenever we see a creature we ask him what it is. His deadpan reply is always, “It’s an animal!” This sets us all off laughing. We dropped Stu off at Ishasha Wilderness Camp as he was going to be working with the rangers there and headed off to Bukorwe Primary. The countryside down there appears to be a little greener with different vegetation


I had two jobs at the school during the day. The first was to sort out Vincent’s (Rebecca’s twinned teacher) mobile internet. At first it didn’t seem to be working, but after driving to Kihihi with Charles and Vincent to see an expert, it worked in front of him and was then fine back at the school. I took the opportunity to look around town and it was typically Ugandan; hot, dusty and with lots of friendly people.


Back at the school, my next task was to run some Tag Rugby with the older children. This was a great success with huge crowds gathering around the pitch I had marked out. I got Yowasi to translate for me when necessary and we both joined in with the games. The unfortunate thing was that the sun had come out and it was steaming hot. Also the children were really fit, so I was absolutely exhausted after 90 minutes.


The rest of the afternoon involved an assembly where there were presentations from Clanfield  to Bukorwe. This was followed by a performance from the school choir, a rapper and various classes. The highlight (or lowlight in my case) was a song where various members of the audience were dragged out to dance with a member of the choir. I was, of course, one of the unfortunate few. There is film of this event, but I can assure you it will never enter the public domain.


We had lunch before final leaving speeches. We had goat, rice and potatoes with passion fruit, water melon and jug fruit. It was the first time I’d eaten jug fruit and it was extremely sweet, I’m learning that my sweet tooth is not so sweet after all. The final speeches were touching and we left at 5.00pm for the long drive home. There is no sunset as such in Uganda. It just suddenly gets dark and tonight was really dark. Likewise, there are no street lights, so it was a difficult drive home. It was even more difficult for me after a moment of buffoonery that will haunt me for years to come. I thought I’d seen a leopard and yelled at the rest of the group. Charles reversed the Sunshine Wagon only for me to find that the so called leopard was a tree stump. Cue howls of derision and abuse. Larry was particularly angry and called me, ‘a big doughnut!”


We got home shortly before nine and my last job of the day was to fit the new mobile internet to Yowasi’s computer. Completely unexpectedly, this was a breeze and worked perfectly. I’m looking forward to trying this at Kafuro tomorrow, which will be my final day visiting the school, this time with the others.


And on that note, goodnight!


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  1. aburford says:

    Wow what a busy day. Glad to hear that the Tag Rugby has been a success. I am sure it is very easy to mistake a tree stump for a leopard in the dark! Enjoy the last day at Kafuro.

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