Uganda – Day 3

Today was our first day in school. Tara and Rebecca went to Katunguru, Stu went out into the bush with rangers from the UWA while I headed off to Kafuro with Tadeo, a driver from the UWA and Janet, a community ranger. The school is about 45 minutes away from Hippo House and is in a hilly area. It is very remote. There is a road (in the loosest sense of the word!) that leads to the school. It was so bumpy and hole ridden that I actually felt quite faint at one point.

When I arrived at the school Yowasi was there to meet me and gave me a big hug. A metal drum was hit and everyone gathered for assembly. Lots of people gave speeches and  the school choir sang some wonderful songs, then I said thank you for my welcome. I tried to show them a few dance moves, so impressed was I by the singing, but the children fell about laughing. Larry the Leopard was an absolute hit however. All of the children wanted to pat him and I told them how pleased Larry was to see them.

Yowasi was overwhelmed with all the letters, sports equipment  and teaching resources I had brought and he wants to thank the entire school community of Liss Junior for their generosity.


I taught a lesson about UNICEF wants and needs before lunch and Yowasi took me on a tour of the school and explained how they are planting trees and crops. At lunchtime I had some rice with tomatoes and curry powder. It tasted much better than it sounds. There was also some pineapple, but it was much sweeter than the pineapple we get in the UK so I couldn’t eat very much.

In the afternoon I was taken down to the crater lake. Mr Burford will be upset to know that there were no lake flies to hassle me unlike Peter and Johan Welsh a few months before. After that I showed two classes film of our Olympic Opening ceremony with Arne, Mrs Goodyear’s choir (which they loved) and then the John Akii Bua story, which the children said made them very proud.


It was also amusing to find out that the Green family have been awarded celebrity status in Kafuro after the children and staff at Kafuro watched the DVD that Class AS sent out last year. Jessica Green, in particular, is very popular.


Most of the children are very shy and reluctant to speak English, but with encouragement they spoke very nicely. What was incredible, however, was when we got some of the sports equipment out at afternoon playtime. The children were transformed and some of the girls were incredibly athletic yet graceful at the same time. I left at 4.30pm and met with the others who had all had a good day. We treated ourselves to a buffet at the posh Safari Lodge and also got hold of their wireless codes as my internet dongle does not work well.


Tomorrow I will be doing some rugby training with the students.


And finally the Kafuro Primary School Motto…


No gain without pain!


And on that note, goodnight!


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