Uganda Day 1

Uganda Day 1

A quite incredible day for all sorts of reasons. First things first. The flight out to Uganda was boring, but uneventful and we landed at Entebbe at 7.35am local time to be met by Stu, the ranger who
arrived on Friday. The weather was overcast and reasonably muggy, but bearable. We went back to a place near Entebbe zoo where Stu was staying and picked up his stuff, then we set off in our van
(see photos below) From this point on things began to go wrong. Firstly, our two guides became one as one was called off to another job. We then moved onto Kampala to pick up Ugandan SIM cards
and a mobile dongle. This was so I would be able to blog on a daily basis.

Kampala is mad! It’s teeming with traffic and people, but everyone is very friendly. Navigating around is a bit fraught, but we managed to get on the main road towards Kasese.

An hour later disaster struck. There was a loud banging and whirring sound from the back of the van and we got out to find that the rear tyre had delaminated and was in shreds. In the process of
changing the tyre we stopped the engine only to find that it wouldn’t restart. New battery required!

Thanks to a very helpful traffic policeman this only took an hour. The entire afternoon was spent driving. Rural Uganda is beautiful, the thing you are most aware of is the red soil, which on a dry day envelopes you. I spent some of the afternoon snoozing in the back of the van, the rest taking in the beautiful views. There were a couple of toilet stops to be negotiated, these are just holes in the ground and the stench is terrible. We also made a stop on the equator to take some photos.

Progress was so slow that we were unable to make it to Queen Elizabeth National Park, but we have stayed at the Sun Beach resort Hotel (No sun, no beach!) about an hour and a half away, so we should arrive at Hippo House tomorrow morning.

Larry the Leopard says hello to his many fans, he has spent much of the day charming the locals. He promises that he will blog tomorrow on what’s really been going on!

Lastly, a point of note for the dads out there. I’m sure you are wondering about the most important question of all. What’s the beer like? Well, I can inform you that I had a bottle or two of Nile Special lager which retails at just 80p for 500ml and it hit the spot! More tomorrow when hopefully I should get to Kafuro in the afternoon.

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6 Responses to Uganda Day 1

  1. jenny stanley says:

    Great to hear you arrived safely, shame about the setbacks, but that’s life. You probably saw things then you might have missed had it been straightforward. Have a good trip today to your final destination and keep taking the tablets!As for the toilets, maybe a clothes peg?
    Mum x

  2. BW says:

    Welcome to Africa. I see you have had an exciting trip so far. We’ve had the hottest day in England , it feels like we’re in Africa. Do you know what your missing out on here in England? IT’S THE OLYMPICS and I’m off to see the stadium today.

    Yours truly BW

  3. Henry and George Green says:

    Henry wants to know if you saw any vicious lions and George wants to know if you saw any animals? They (we) are glad you arrived safely if a bit eventfully!! Hope you have fun on your next adventure to Hippo House.

  4. Sarah Redfern says:

    Glad you got there in one piece. Photos don’t seem to have uploaded though! Hope you got to Hippo House in one piece!

  5. aburford says:

    Glad to hear you arrived safely. Tyre delamination! well you know all about that. Good to hear that you are making plenty of pit-stops! Look forward to reading about your arrival in Kafuro – eventually.

  6. astanleyadmin says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I have now uploaded photos. Internet connection has been terrible even though I bought a mobile dongle. I’ve blagged my way into the posh safari lodge and got their codes, so hopefully updating will be more regular from now on. Day 2 & 3 to follow later hopefully. Just to let you know that we are safely at Hippo House and I’ve had a good first day at Kafuro Primary School. In answer to your questions: 1) I haven’t seen any lions yet but elephants are as common as cats. I’ve also seen monkeys, baboons, water buffalo, rhinos and cobs. 2) Some Ugandan toilets are better than others, thank goodness. 3)I now know more about tyre delamination than I care to remember. Thanks Andy for your concern! 4) Thank you to my lovely wife for updating the blog in my (temporary) absence!

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