A pre – flight post from Larry the Leopard

Hi everyone! I’m all set to go and looking forward to a pleasant journey to Uganda. I’m hoping to catch up on some sleep during the flight as I didn’t get any last night due to Mr Stanley snoring like an elephant (he should fit in well in Queen Elizabeth National Park!). He fell asleep on the sofa while watching some of that supposedly highbrow Scandinavian TV he keeps talking to Mr Burford about!


Today, Mr Stanley has been sitting on his backside watching Mrs Stanley pack his bags for him! Thankfully, Mrs Stanley’s found a place for me in his hand luggage next to a good Jo Nesbo thriller. I’m off to read the first chapter.  A big hello to my many fans! I’ll post again soon!


Larry’s ready to go while Mr Stanley does nothing!


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  1. BW says:

    I see that Larry is all ready to go and your relaxing and chilling out and making Larry pack for you. Hope you have a good flight to Uganda. Yours Truly BW

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