One day to go! Mr Stanley writes

With one day to go, I’ve started started organising myself (or rather my wife has). I’m just about managing to fit in everything I need to take to Kafuro. I’ve taken my first Malarone tablet (anti – malaria) which has made me feel a bit queasy. Today has mostly involved sorting things into piles ready to pack and buying supplies such as batteries and a memory stick for Kafuro Primary. I’ve also been loading software onto the laptop that the Twinning Project is donating to Kafuro Primary School. If all goes well with establishing a reliable internet connection then you should be seeing a joint Liss/Kafuro blog very soon. We might even manage a Skype link. That’s about it for now, I’ll hopefully be blogging again on Monday night

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2 Responses to One day to go! Mr Stanley writes

  1. George Matthew Green says:

    Hope you don’t get burnt in the sun. Have a wonderful time. Have a safe journey. Tell us what animals you get to see. Good luck from George.

  2. BW says:

    Hope you don’t get bitten by Mosquitos. Make sure you don’t get sunburnt. Don’t forget to tell us what animals you see. Yours Truly BW

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