Larry the Leopard joins Mr Stanley: Two days to go!

Mr Stanley has a new travelling companion on is trip to Uganda. Larry the Leopard will be joining him! For those of you who don’t know, Year 6 raised money for WWF this year and adopted a Leopard. We were sent Larry.

When asked about his trip to Uganda our furry friend said,

“I’m looking forward to making the trip to Uganda, I regard it as my spiritual home. I will be travelling in Mr. Stanley’s suitcase, but am hoping that I’m not placed too close to his trainers as they smell terrible. I will be teaching some of the younger children in Kafuro and will also be posting some entertaining blogs, which will be funny and witty! (unlike Mr. Stanley)”

Stay tuned for Larry’s musings over the next couple of weeks.

Larry is very excited about his trip to Uganda!


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4 Responses to Larry the Leopard joins Mr Stanley: Two days to go!

  1. BW says:

    Dear Mr Stanley,

    I love your blog. Take care of your leopard and make sure he come back safely.
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Uganda . Hope you have a safe trip. Good luck.
    Your truly BW

  2. mr stanley's mum says:

    Have a great trip and look after Mr Stanley, also keep clear of sweaty t shirts as well as his trainers. Also he snores!

  3. George Matthew Green says:

    Look after Mr Stanley Larry. Good luck, have a nice time. Hope you don’t get sweaty.

  4. mike e says:

    Larry good luck with Mr.Stanley. I hope you have packed some ear plugs. Enjoy visiting your spiritual home, Mr.Stanley’s is a place called Twickenham (2nd best to the Millenium!!!). Looking forward to the stories-best wishes on this adventure

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