Extended stories: Alex M


Chapter 1 Shock!

One summer day in 2052 a boy named Zack was training in the gym.  He was 24.  He timed himself how long it took to run around the local field once.  He was training for the Olympic Games.

When he got home he said hello to his pet fish and did some weight training.   Zack, who had just got his 6 pack, went to bed with a bulging chest.

When he woke up he went to the Olympic Games in Madrid 2052. He lined up to race when suddenly Zack’s fish flew on to the track when the pistol had fired.  At the end of the race all the contestants hung their jaws in shock as the fish, Bobble, won.

When the fish got his gold medal he moved and the medal crushed him.  The crowd went silent for a minute, but Zack poured some water over Bobble and he suddenly sprung to life.

When Zack got home he put Bobble back in his tank and said

“I am very ashamed of you, think about what you have done.”

Zack put Bobble’s medal next to his tank.

Chapter 2 Ouch!

After Zack lost to a fish he hated his life.

“It’ll be over soon,” thought Zack, but it wasn’t.

Zack was being bullied by his friends.

On the way home from Sainsco (a shop) he saw 3 teenagers following him.

Zack turned around and saw the teenagers pull out a gun from each of their pockets.

“How did you lose to a fish?” said the teenagers.

“I pulled a muscle,” excused Zack.

“Whoo Whoo Whoo” A police car had arrived.  Someone had phoned the officers and they had come

“You’re under arrest for threatening a boy,” said the officers to the teenagers.

When it came to the Olympic Games in Madrid 2056 Zack raced and came first.  Zack was happy then, so he went home and did a victory dance.

“OOOO,” squealed his mum. “There’s my li’l athlete”

Like a cheetah his mum ran downstairs and took the medal from him.


Chapter 3 double gold!


Zack loved his medal.  He even got a pet dog to celebrate.  He named her sparky.

“Mum, I’m taking Sparky out for a walk” said Zack.

“Ok,” replied his mum

When he got to the park, he lobbed the ball across the field and raced his dog Sparky.  Zack won by a millimetre.  Zack let Sparky do a pee and then went home.

Zack went to the 2060 games in Barcelona and raced. He won but here’s how: He had set off to a bad start but he overtook every one and then Bolt 10 metres from the line.

Zack has a line of medals on his shelf.  He has them up high so his dog can’t get them.  Zack competes in the relay races too.  His dog had 7 puppies.  Zack gave them to athletes like Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay.

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