Extended Stories: Eve

A long and tiresome walk

Chapter 1

The beginning

Ben and Mary were part of a foreign tribe in the tropical Island of Hisinki! It is very small and unknown.

The Island of Hisinki was a very good place for bringing up young athletes. All together there was 20 tribes where Ben and Mary lived. Some died of hunger or fighting, so it was quite hard!

Ben loved sprinting, racing his friends and tribe was his favourite thing. Mary enjoyed hurdling , she made hurdles out of bamboo sticks.

There were 15 people in the tribe that Mary and Ben belonged to. Five of the tribe members were athletes, their names were Mitchell, Conner, Justin and Ben and Mary. They each had a unique sporting talent and planned to head out for the London Olympic games 2012.


So, as a new day came, the 5 athletes started to get ready. They packed their things, and said goodbye to everyone and started their RAPID JOURNEY alone…


Chapter 2

Are we there yet?

So, as the 5 athletes started to travel to London. Everyone was moaning saying things like, “My legs hut!” or

“I feel sick!” or even

“I need water!”


It wasn’t the best start to a walk, but they all carried on without any moans or whines. It was lovely.

“I want to stop walking, this is boring,” Ben said with a sigh. After another hour passed, the athletes started to nibble on Piranha and slowly start to spit it back out!


Conner got out some tuna sandwiches and they started to eat. Conner also got out some warm orange juice, but no one liked it so they threw it in the nearest bush they could find.

Soon after, they carried on their rapid journey.

“Are we there yet”? Justin screamed.

“What do you think?” Mitchell said. Justin looked disappointed and gave a wimpy cry, but as soon as his tears hit the ground, they vanished (which made him more upset).

Chapter 3

Where are we?

As the five adventurers carried on they were all crying. It was very hot but it got more hot as they entered the Zinki desert, nothing was there apart from a camel.


When they saw the camel they had an idea. They could try and hop on the camel and catch a ride! But no, what a silly idea. The first reason was there is not enough space on the camel and the second reason is that it would weigh the camel down.


Unfortunately the crew could not use a camel but at least they had walking.

“Finally no more moans or whines how about this, if we keep this up when we get to the stadium I will treat you with a treat,” said Ben. So they carried on being silent for another sweet hour.


Conner got out some piranha to share with everyone but no one had it and just pretended they were chewing it. Mitchell said he would much rather die than eat a load of.. muck! So he put it away hoping next time he would be more successful.


Suddenly Mary heard someone crying and screaming and she started to panic.

“Did anyone hear that?” she said.

“No I didn`t,” Ben said sarcastically and everyone agreed with him so they carried on walking carelessly.


Chapter 4

A Big Scream

“Ahh!” Mary was now sure she had heard it again! The haunting cry of someone or something. “Did anyone hear that?” Justin looked at Mary like he was just about to murder her.

“Mary!!, stop going on about that terrible cry.”

“Ahh!” there it was again. Now Justin looked like he was going to cry. “Ahh!”


After that they started running and soon they could see the Olympic Stadium, but they were a few miles away yet. After lots more running, they stopped for more food and Justin caught a glimpse of a cool refreshing river.


“Yeah, last one in is a rotten egg!” Mitchell said and by that, they were all went into the river to drink swim and play! So they all got in the river and stayed in there until they thought the time was right. (Which was way too late!)


“Look at the time!” Mary said in a fright.

“Quarter past 2” Conner sighed and got out followed by the others. As they got closer and closer they finally reached their destination, the Olympic Stadium in London, England! Cheers of celebration and tears of joy were spread across the desert and they were all overwhelmed.

Chapter 5

The Olympics

  Finally they were only a few minutes away from reaching the stadium.

“Wait the screaming’s gone!” Ben said.

“Oh I know what it was. It was the happiness of the Olympics, you know. Cries of joy, screaming because you can’t wait nothing big!” Nerves started to spread and the five athletes started shaking.

“Everything alright?” Mary said.

“Yeah, just fine” replied Mitchell and then they entered the stadium


They all took part in their own event and got medals! Ben silver, Mary gold, Conner bronze and Mitchell silver. They were all very proud of what they got and stayed for another hour, but Mary then realised they had to make their journey back!


Suddenly, a helicopter flow over the stadium and took them all safely back to the Island of Hisinki!

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