Extended Stories: Georgina

The Olympic Twins

Chapter 1  Up and Out

This is an extended story of Usain Bolt and his twin brother, 6 weeks before the Olympics. Now, here’s what happened.

Usain woke up, troubled. He sat up in bed. He had been having a bad dream. Feeling very worried, Usain pushed back the covers to the end of the bed and got out. He limped over to the door, and pulled it open. He tiptoed down the stairs tying his dressing gown up. When he got down to the kitchen, he got out his diet breakfast, and got out a plate. Then he went over to the water tap, basin and poured himself a drink of water. Then he put it all on a tray.


He went to the back door, carefully carrying the tray. He opened the door and went outside. Carefully placing the tray on the wooden table, he sat down to eat.


After he had finished most of it, he sprinted up and down his long garden, still in his dressing gown and bare feet. Then, suddenly, what seemed to him, a stone appeared in front of him, he tripped over it, causing him to fly through the air, smashing into a tree, breaking his right arm and left leg. He knew they were so badly hurt, they would not heel in time for the Olympics. He reached in his dressing gown pocket, for his phone. He dialled his twin’s phone number…

Chapter 2  The plan


“It’s me, Usain. Ow, can you, ouch, come round, quick?”


“OK, bye!”

5 minutes passed. Finally Usain’s, twin’s, car tyres screeched outside the front. Sprinting, his twin, Jamie, came around the back to see, his brother, lying next to a tree trunk, with a bleeding arm and leg, in his dressing gown. He ran over to him.

“What happened?” asked Jamie cautiously. Usain explained everything.

“And the Olympics are in 6 week,” he finished, “They will never heal in time!”

“I know that, but maybe, Whisper, whisper, ‘spur, ‘spur, ‘spur”


Chapter  3 Training

Usain got into his brother’s car, and his brother drove him all the way to his private gym. Jamie was going to pretend to be Usain! Jamie was already really good at sprinting. He practiced every hour of every day for the six weeks. He got a new record everyday, finally going under Usain’s time!


The race day finally came and Jamie ran onto the track.

“Usain Bolt! Usain Bolt! Usain Bolt!”, screamed the crowd. Jamie just smiled. The race was about to start.


BANG! went the gun. Jamie sprinted and ran and jogged and walked all at the same time. He was so fast he crossed the finish line 10.73 metres in front of the person in front of him. He had run a new world record of 6.48 seconds!


At the top of the stand, collecting his medal, Jamie had suddenly said:

“Come here Usain!”

The crowd gasped when the real Usain came limping across the track and hugged his brother.

Chapter 4  The End

Usain’s leg took 2 months to heal, while his arm took 1. Jamie learned how to be a proper athlete and competed against his brother. But one thing that didn’t happen was…. Jamie never got under Usain’s record ever again!

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  1. Emma says:

    Georgina is my best friend and her story is awsome!,

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