Extended Stories

This year the Class AS extended stories have a loose Olympic theme. There are a range of genres including adventure,  thriller, horror & romance. Here’s Lucy’s story.

The Killer Devil

Chapter 1

One morning, David Hemery, a small boy who was 6 years old, woke up. He got dressed in his favourite clothes, a green and white striped top and blue shorts. With his mum they both went to church. You see David believed in God and hated devils. That very same night David went to bed, and dreamt that when he grew up he would be an Olympic runner. Overhearing what David had said, a red as blood coloured devil with ebony black horns and sharp fangs in hell decided he wanted revenge. He would turn David’s dream into a nightmare. He bided his time for sixteen years

“David Hemery, a 22 year old man is now going to compete in the Olympic Games!” That’s what it said on the TV. David started running in the 100m. 10 seconds to go. And he won!

“Well done son, I am very pleased with you” said David’s mother.


The next day another race, but this time it didn`t turn out so good. He started well, but at the last minute Usain Bolt just over took him. Now was the right time for the devil to take over David’s body…..

Chapter 2

As the devil entered David’s body he was wondering what he would do? Then suddenly he had a great idea, he would murder everyone on the track. So the devil started doing it. He murdered John Akii Bua and so on. But people didn`t know that he was the devil, so the started calling Hemery the Killer Athlete.

“Killer Athlete Killer Athlete!” they all shouted to David, not knowing it was the devil.

A few weeks later the devil had had enough David’s body and decided that his punishment should be over now.

“I have had enough of this now” he explained. As he was going out of Hemery’s body he thought he should do more evil and kill David. He got out his dagger and stabbed David Hemery in the heart.

“Agggghhhhh” screamed David.

It was a horrid end to the runner.

Chapter 3

Some of the people who lived near David Hemery made up rumours saying that Usain Bolt killed him because everyone knew that he didn`t like David. Bolt knew that wasn`t true and started making up rumours that the people who were telling the rumours were stinky.

One black, stormy morning in the horrid hell the evil devil was writing a ‘to do’ list about what he would do that was bad next. These some of the things on the list.


  • Kill every person who believes in God
  • Go in the queens body and be really rude and mad
  • Kill every one in the world
  • Explode the queen
  • Destroy the world


That’s what he thought of people. So he flew off and down he went to Earth. Guess what he did? He started killing every one who  believed  in God.



Chapter 4

Next the devil went into the Queens body and made her be very impolite and mad.

“Buuuurrrrrppppppp!“ burped the Queen.

“It`s working it`s working mwaaaahhhhhhh!” yelled the devil. Then the Queen started going mad and so the palace guards had to take to her bedroom and they locked her up just in case.

“That’s not very fun” said the devil all upset and went out of the Queen’s body.


It was getting dark and the devil decided to go back to hell. But he would come back tomorrow and the next day and so on. Tomorrow though was Monday the 28th of July and apparently the hell law say its ‘GOOD DEVIL day’ and that meant every devil had to go down to Earth and wasn`t allowed to do any evil.


“I hate today,” moaned the devil as he woke up. It was GOOD DEVIL day today. But the devil had to do what the devil law said and so he went down to Earth and some people actually saw him , even Usain Bolt, and he suddenly realised that the devil killed David Hemery and that he didn`t. People thought that too and so they got hold of the devil’s feet and because it was GOOD DEVIL day the devil could do nothing and so the people dragged him to prison.

“I will get you people no matter what you do!” Unfortunately the devil when he was put in prison burnt the bars and they melted. He escaped and that was a nuisance.



Chapter 5

The next morning as the sun was arising; the devil went down to Earth. He had a nuclear bomb in his hands because he was going to dig a hole down to the centre core of the Earth and light it to destroy the world. He dug his way down to the core and put the nuclear bomb down.


“No one can stop me now mwaahhahaaa!” he yelled out. He got out his black match box and lit the bomb.

“Hey, wait a minute, would the bomb explode me too? OH NO!”…..

“BOOOOOOM, CRASH” and the bomb exploded. All it left was chunks of the world. What a disaster for the devil.

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