Day 4 at Streatley

This morning we went to Wantage and visited the Vale and Downland Museum.  We learnt about the history of the town and the local geology.  Some of us got to dress up as Anglo-Saxons as rich and poor people as well as King Alfred.  King Alfred, the King who fought off the Vikings, was born in Wantage and is a local hero.  A lady called Margaret  told us the story of Flibbertygibet and his master the Viking god Wayland.  We will tell you more about Wayland in a minute.


After that we had a delicious ice lolly in the sunshine before we headed to White Horse Hill for our lunch.

Our next destination was Wayland’s Smithy.  It was 1.3 miles along the ancient Ridgeway to the wood where it was located and it was a hot walk in the sunshine.  It was worth the walk as the ancient memorial was very impressive!  This is a burial site from thousands of years ago with large sarsen stones at the entrance.  We had to figure out how many Mr Burfords would fit into this burial ground and this was approximately 2450!   We then got to sketch the entrance to Wayland’s Smithy.


It was then time to return to White Horse Hill for a closer look at the White Horse which was really impressive.  The top of White Horse Hill is the highest point in Oxfordshire and provided an amazing view across the Vale of the White Horse.   Finally we got to fly kites in view of the White Horse which was lots of fun!  Then it was time to return to the youth hostel for our last dinner.


Now it is time  for hot chocolate and a chance to show and share our best pieces of work from this week.

By Sam, Emma and Mrs Clements.



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