Day 3 at Streatley

Today we went to The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.  It is full of man made objects from most of the countries in the world.    There are 118,000 objects!  We can find out  about the people by looking at the objects.  Some of our favourite things were shrunken heads, a huge totem pole, a mummy, differents bowls, wooden figures and paddles.











After lunch we went to the Museum of Natural History.  It is the best and oldest natural history museum in the world.  The first dinosaur that was officially called a dinosaur bone was found near the site of the museum.











We had a presentation from a very friendly man called Chris who told us all about dinosaurs.  He told us dinosaurs are only land creatures who have their legs directly under their body.  He showed us some real and some replica dinosaur bones, poo and skin.  Chris got us to act out how fossils are formed.




















Then we had a chance to look around the museum and choose an animal (alive or extinct) to draw and show our shading techniques.  Some examples of what we drew are a Dodo, a Scaphgnathes, an American Bald Eagle, an Owl,  an Ichthyasaur,  an Eustreptosponoxoniensis and a Opthalmosaurus.  Some very long names for some of the dinosaurs!

The last thing we did in the museum was a bug handling experience.  There was a giant millipede….


a tarantula…


a stick insect and a scorpion. When you shone a special torch on it, it went luminous!!


Dinner was pizza or pasta and pudding was an ice cream sundae or a jam doughnut.  It was delicious!!!

Now we have to finish off our best pieces of work for a show and tell tomorrow.

Olivia, Amelia, Josh, Joseph, James, Rupert, Oliver and Mrs Clements.

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