Streatley Day 2

The day started at 7 a.m. When we got up and the boys had showers before going to the classroom and continuing with yesterday’s work. Then we were called for breakfast – it was delicious. Then we packed our bags , got in the minibuses and set off for Blenheim palace – the home of the Duke of Marlborough.

When we arrived, we met our guides and they took us into the palace. First of all we got to handle the key to the palace door, it was very big and heavy and was decorated with a coronet. Then we visited the room that Winston Churchill had been born in and we were told that he  he was born  early! We continued the tour and saw a siren suit, these were special clothes that people wore in case of an air raid at night, so that the did not go about in their pyjamas. Winston Churchill often wore his siren suit throughout the day!

We continued around the rest of the library and learned about John Churchill the first Duke. We saw tapestries of the battle  of Blenheim. In the tapestries John Churchill held a baton which showed that he was in charge.

After the tour we did some sketching and visited the education room. Then we had lunch under some trees as it was raining.

Next we got on a small train and travelled to the Butterfly House where we saw lots of beautiful butterflies and some hatching from chrysalis. After that we looked at the Blenheim Bygones which was a collection of garden tools from the past.

After that we went in the maze- some of us got lost! We were set a challenge to find someone with Mr Burford’s pen before they left the maze.  Then we got back on the minibuses and drove to the Rollright Stones – a prehistoric stone circle. Legend has it that an invading army was turned to stone by a witch. forming the stone circle We were set a challenge to count the stones three times in a row and get the same answer each time. Strangely we could not do this.

Finally we got back on the minbuses and returned to the hostel for the evening meal – roast chicken dinner  followed by a Twister.

By Andrew Sam Henry and Oliver B (dormitory 2)

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