Streatley Day 1

We travelled in the minibuses to Streatley Youth Hostel and dropped our bags off. Then we travelled to Didcot and went to the railway centre. We were first shown a presentation about Britain 200 years ago and transport then and now. After that we looked at a model of a narrow gauge railway, used to carry slate from the mountains of Wales to the rest of Britain. We learned that narrow gauge railways were built where space was very tight.

Next we looked at two rail wheels and hit them with a special long handled hammer. Each wheel when tapped made a different sound this was caused by one of the wheels having a crack in it. During the tapping Jasmine went mad and hit the wheel so hard that the hammer head dropped off!

Then we went to an engine shed where we were told how steam engines worked and about different tank engines: pannier, saddle and side tanks.

Next we had our packed lunches and drew a sketch of a tank engine. Following lunch we went in the carriage shed and we were shown a carriage used by Winston Churchill and president Eisenhower during WW2.

We then met a navvy and found out about the building of the railways. A navvy wore string tied below his knees to prevent rodents climbing up his trouser legs and biting him. Then we went to see the replica of Firefly, one of the earliest steam engines. We sat in the 3rd class and 1st class carriages.

Then we went into an air raid shelter and we experienced an air raid.

Finally it was time to go to the hostel. We chose our dorms and set up our beds, then we had an evening meal, the food was scrummy.

Now we are writing this blog before getting ready for bed.

Group A

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