Scarecrow Trail

This afternoon Class AS went on a journey around Liss on the Scarecrow Trail, which is part of the cultural contribution to the Olympics. We saw forty seven scarecrows (some from members of our class) and were massively impressed by the level of invention and imagination – there are clearly some very talented people in the community. Class AS would encourage as many people to see the trail for themselves this weekend, and would like to congratulate all the entrants.

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  1. Deanna Galbraith says:

    I very much enjoy following the class blogs. Interesting reading. And I hope the scarecrow trail will still be around when I come over in August. Hopefully weather won’t distroy it. Watched Wimbelton games today, were many of you, students, allowed to stay up and watch it end at 11:09pm? Was only 5:09 here in Iowa, and our tempature is a warm 86*, while newscasters said game temp. was ending below 60* when sun went down. You figure out the C temps please! take care all of you, Grandma G.

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