Informal & Formal writing: Kirsten

LO:- I can change informal language into formal


Hey dude I had nothing to do with this, yeah. I was just chillin with my bros down at the boozer when I feel really Tom and Dick. After taking a shot on a bubbly water I felt like I was cream crackered. And these nippers always take away my space. I went inside the bank but men they thought I was robbing. I ain’t a robber , yeah. But the rozzers arrived  and I ain’t able to tell the truth.



My client is saying that he had nothing to do with this and he was just relaxing in the pub when he felt really sick after drinking a white wine. He felt like he was exhausted when this kids starting to block his way. However, he went inside the bank, but the people thought he was robbing. When the police came he had no time to tell the truth.

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