Informal & Formal Writing: Elyse

Informal and formal writing

Right I was chilling out down the boozer when my mate showed us a real bling watch. A lot of bozzos started a right old punch up cause they think he nicked it. We made a run for it but they had called the rozzers! The blinkin idiots caught us but we showed them who`s boss. Then we made for the crib, but stopped bye the bingers and swapped the time teller for a right lot of dosh! Showed it to the wife, well chuffed she was! But the rozzers found us cause me blinkin mate told them were our crib was.


Your Honour, My client informs me that he was having a drink at the local hostelry when his friend showed him a newly adopted watch. By the look of it, the watch seemed of very high quality, which soon caught the unruly attention of the hostelry`s inhabitants. This unfortunately led to a group of men accusing the man of stealing the watch. They phoned the police. Once the Police arrived they caught the culprits but they proved difficult to arrest, and escaped. They then made their way to the jewellers were they traded the watch for a high price and returned home. Fortunately the Police caught on of the culprits who informed them of the other wrongdoers whereabouts.

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