Informal & Formal language: Charlotte

LO:- I can change informal language into formal language.


Like Yo honour dude, I was chillin’ in me close boozer, then me had a mettin’ wiv’ me ralf down a side street uknow? Like I was creamed so me headed for me crib, when the old gezzer yacks me wiv’ his pole on me sticks like yeah? I wopped in a moer’ and the old gezzer shoved me innit’ he turns it revin’. The fuzz come get me for noufen’ ? Don’t put me in the big cage bro’.


Your Honour, my client means, he was relaxing in his local pub, then left and was ill in an ally. Next he got tired so he started to walk home when an old man purposely tripped him up with his walking stick. Then my client fell into a nearby car. After this the old man turned on the car and shouted for the police, who soon  came and arrested him without hearing his side of the story! That is all your Honour.

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