Informal & Formal Language: Lily

In Literacy this week we have been looking at formal and informal (colloquial) language. We looked at various examples and then completed an exercise where we had to write a speech for someone facing a trial in colloquial language before putting it into formal language (his barrister). Here is Lily’s example.

Lo: – I can change informal language into formal language.


Hey dude! I was hanging out with some birds at the boozer. After two pints I started to feel a bit Tom and Dick. The birds told me to go to the docs because I was boilin, yeah. I started to walk home and I fell into a car bonnet, the next thing I knew was that the fuzz were chasing me.



Your honour, my client informs me that he was out at the local hostelry, with some friends, when he began to feel ill. His friends advised him to go home. On the way back, he stumbled over to a nearby car  to look at it. Furthermore, he fell over into the car and then the police came and arrested him.

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