Even More Olympic Poems

100 m by Josh NB

Bang went the gun

He’s got to go for gold

So he can remember something

Something till he’s old

He’s got to get it together

Or he will lose the race

He is running as quick as lighting

He’s going to lose his place

He’s in the lead again

Oh no he’s going to get caught

But he’s not letting that happen

After all that work and thought

He just finished the race

He just finished first place

Yay yay the crowd cheers

A smile beams on his face

Usain Bolt by Will W & Will R


Faster than fast

He would never come last

Shot past the line

With plenty of time.


Confidence is high

So you really need to try

He’s the man permanently sold

On coming home with a medal of gold.


Usain Bolt

Will never halt

And will carry on all the way.


Steve Redgrave by Elias

Medal winner,

Certificate pinner,

Outstanding rower,

Confident glower,

Extremely fast,

Through water he blasts,

Olympic hero,

Never leaves with zero,

Long trainer,

Record gainer,

Famous as Nero,



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